About the Foundation

Founded in 2006, the HealthyWorld Foundation seeks to advance the development of interventions that help the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world lead healthier lives. The Foundation follows a model of public health entrepreneurship, investing in approaches with funding and technical assistance that will create significant impact for those most in need.

The HealthyWorld Foundation believes that projects do not have to be large to have a significant impact in the lives of one child, one family, one community or even one country. However, they must be thoughtfully constructed, managed, implemented and measured. Through its support, the HealthyWorld Foundation leverages the creativity, determination and entrepreneurship of local people and organizations to help their own communities.

The projects funded by the HealthyWorld Foundation, while varied in focus, geography, length and goals, also have common elements.

The projects selected for assistance:

  • serve very poor, vulnerable people,
  • address a meaningful gap in services that will improve direct care, prevent illness, improve health literacy, or increase access to basic healthcare services,
  • are well-managed and staffed by motivated people who think creatively,
  • make good use of the foundation's technical assistance in the areas of public health intervention, health literacy, management, and/or financing for healthcare,
  • are modest in size but designed to have significant impact in the lives of people in need,
  • are open to collaboration with other organizations or agencies,
  • are committed to measuring progress and using that data to improve on the project's performance and expansion,
  • have a plan for sustainability,
  • and can be replicated in other places.