The Foundation rarely accepts unsolicited proposals, preferring to follow the recommendations of staff, associates and colleagues who have identified high-potential projects.

Funds are typically available for planning, initial development and project implementation. Grants for a defined project are typically available for up to a 2 year period. Grantees must provide a convincing plan for sustainability. Preference will be to projects that can demonstrate expanded use of the proposed intervention and the potential for portability to other entities and to other communities.


Areas of Interest

Although its resources are modest, the HealthyWorld Foundation seeks to develop solutions that provide new directions in the quest to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable people. There are four areas the Foundation will fund:

  1. Clinics
    - Improve access to basic health care services by establishing new clinics or improving existing clinics.
  2. Prevent Infectious Illness
    - Implement interventions to prevent infectious illness, including expanding the use of insecticide treated mosquito nets, safe water systems, handwashing, improved sanitation, and innovative treatment modalities.
  3. Access to Health Products
    - Improve the availability of essential health products in remote villages by creating new approaches to distribution.
  4. Reduce the Burden of Chronic Illness
    - Develop innovative interventions to prevent, screen and treat chronic illness at the village level.
  5. Improve Health Literacy
    - Develop and provide health related information and education that effectively enables families to be better managers of their own health.